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Crystal Lucky Dip


Image of Crystal Lucky Dip
  • Image of Crystal Lucky Dip
  • Image of Crystal Lucky Dip

Wanting to build up your crystal collection but don't know what to choose next? Cut out the indescision by adding either one or three of our Lucky Dip Crystals to your basket!

Please note: As this is a 'Lucky Dip' your crystal(s) will be sent at random. These crystals are quite small and ideal for filling up crystal boxes - sizes range from 1cm to 3cm in length and you could be sent anything from Amethyst, Turquoise or Quartz Geodes right through to Peacock Ore, Rose Quartz or Agate.

One Lucky Dip Crystal for £2.00.
Three Lucky Dip Crystals for £5.00.

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Disclaimer: As with all of our stones please be aware that the markings and colouration of your stone may vary from the picture as this shows the stones in natural, full lighting. As each stone is an individual piece of nature some stones may have small scratches, markings or uneven surfaces.

Please note that crystal healing should never replace the advice of a medical professional - the opinion of whom should always be sought first-hand in the case of any physical or mental health issues.

Palmistry print seen is available from Thirteen Curiosities.

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